The following images are examples of early working drawings, initial research and preparatory colour grounds and surfaces, prior to embarking on paintings in the studio or formalising sequences of texts and images for various book projects.

Travel sketchbook 1-960
Travel sketchbook (2)-960
Travel sketchbook 3-960

First drawings for JAKE and CLOUDY-960
First drawings for JAKE-960
Designs layouts for books-960

Boscastle flood 1-960

Hooded Crow 1 Story ideas-960
Hooded Crow 1 Story setting-960
Hooded Crow Story setting 2-960

Raven's Song 1 Story Spread 5-960
Raven's Song 2 Story Spread 15-960

Quick study Acrylic on board 1-960
Oil on gessoed board-960
Pastel and Conte on gessoed paper-960


Work in progress Heron 1-960
Work in progress Heron 2-960
Work in progress Heron 3-960
Work in progress Heron 4-960

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