MEDIA – A Rough Guide

Preferably hardback, either stitched or spiral. Any size (landscape or portrait format)
A6 pocket size – A4/A3 to suit. eg. Daler Rowney (Ebony series) Stillman & Birn, Derwent, Windsor and Newton, Fabriano, Rendre (surface good for all media)
Choose good quality cartridge paper – min 140gsm –165gsm weight.
Also spiral-bound watercolour books – 300gsm – Pastel books (Ingres paper)160gsm
Acrylic primed canvas pads.

Black lead HB – 6B; Graphite lead pencil; Water soluble pencils; Charcoal sticks/pencils; Chalk, Pastel (sticks or pencils;) Conte (sticks or pencils;) Eraser (hard and soft/putty) Pencil eraser stick; Sharpener (or scalpel,) pencil blender.

Watercolour ink or Indian ink; Dip pen and steel nib; Brush; Bamboo pen, Chinese brush pen; Graphic pens 0.1 – 0.8 (Edding, Pitt, Aristo;) Document/Sketching Pens (Faber Castell;) Fibre tip, ballpoint writing pens (Pentel, Pilot, Uni-Ball)

For outdoor sketching, small watercolour paintboxes with mixing palette and small brush (Daler, Winsor & Newton) Water pot; Brush pens (Pentel)
Small sets of Oil pastels/Chalk pastels, pastel blenders; Caran d’ache water-soluble coloured pencils, Caran d’ache Neocolours (water soluble watercolour sticks).

Oil (tubes) Water mixable oil (tubes) Watercolour (paintbox or tube) Watercolour inks (bottles) Acylic (tubes) Gouache (tubes or pots).

Sable or synthetic for watercolour/acrylic – bristle or synthetic for oil.
Palette knife, Mixing palette (plastic lids).

Camera (Traditional or Digital)
Bulldog clips, small drawing board.
In studio: Gesso, fixative, glaze medium, varnish, sandpaper.

PAPERS: Cartridge (Smooth, Rough, Hard, Textured, Patterned (wallpaper, wrapping)
Cardboard, brown paper, layout/tracing paper.
Watercolour paper, (stretched or in Sketchbook form) in various weights.
Ingres paper (loose sheets or in sketchbook form) in various weights.
Canford coloured paper (also in sketchbook form).
Acrylic paper (in sketchbook form).
Acrylic primed canvas pads, acrylic canvas textured paper (also in sketchbook form).
Acrylic board, prepared canvases, Gesso prepared hardboard/plywood, etc.

Drawing, Stippling, Cross hatching, Erasing, Smudging, Painting, Soaking, Washing, Wiping, Mixing, Blending, Scratching, Scoring, Layering, Collage, etc.
Also: Photography, Photocopying/Altering/Collage, Digital photo printing.

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