An opportunity to explore and discover your landscape in a new and personal way.

Rossbrin cropped 2-960
Hooded Crow Crop-960
Chough study Acrylic on board-960

CREATE your own Sketchbook, Visual Diary or Journal.

EXPRESS yourself in word and image as you explore the landscape/seascape of this unique and precious location.

OBSERVE the continual changes in your environment, the tidal rhythms and weather patterns; extremes of colour, texture and atmosphere; contrasts of light and dark, effect of wind and wave on structure, shape and sound. Capture on paper a moment in time, a collection of thoughts, a series of sketches and begin to create a true sense of place.

TAKE A CLOSER LOOK. Working from various locations, gather information, record a series of fleeting moments/happenings/sightings. Absorb yourself in the past, the history of the Mizen, the stories, language, geology/strata and flora and fauna. Beginning with small fragments, sketches, handwritten notes or ideas, allow the shape of the words, scripts and sketches to evolve and develop across the page in creative and personal ways.

Pastel sketch crop-960
Closer look Atlantic blue-960
Boscastle Wall crop-960

As you experiment with different media, tools, surfaces and formats, you will begin to progress your sketches, words, notes or scribbles into more tonal, textured, dimensional and colourful pieces, exploring possibilities of story, verse, word and image layout and combination. Throughout, you will be encouraged to work entirely at your own pace, pursuing your own particular interests. Over three weekly sessions you will gain confidence in wordplay, drawing, mark-making and image-making, exploring endless possibilities and learning to express yourself in a creative and imaginative way.

Castle and Rossbrin sketchbook-960
Boscastle sketchbook-960
Word and image  ideas for Kernow 1-960
Word and image ideas for Kernow 3-960

THE COURSE is suitable for all ages and abilities and can be arranged to cover a single day or an extended period as required.

A SKETCHBOOK, DIARY or JOURNAL is where it all begins. It is where your first impressions, feelings or responses are captured and explored without embellishment or prejudice. It will become your companion. It will enable you to question and connect with your world as you develop your skills through a flow of inspired images and ideas. Your personal story is set to emerge within its pages, the book continually enriching and surprising you, proving just how far you have come on your creative journey.

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Private one-to-one tuition and bespoke courses/media workshops for groups of 3 or more can also be arranged.